Raising money for IMTA L.A.

I have been asked to join Images Model & Talent Agency in Hollywood at the L.A. convention because I did so well in New York! I will be creating a brand new fundraiser on IndieGoGo soon, so stay tuned. If you are able to send a few dollars and/or send some prayers my way, I'd greatly appreciate it!

Thank you!

Shop for Merchandise

You can also check out my online stores, there is something there for everyone! For t-shirts, coffee mugs and other movie-related items visit CafePress. I have handmade items such as purses, artwork, etc. available on Etsy.

We Ain't Them merchandise is also on CafePress, show your support for the band I am in!

“Come Hope or Highwater”

I have been working on a brand new novel, based loosely on a true story, titled "Come Hope or Highwater". Please click here visit the fan page on Facebook if you would like to find out more information or follow my progress as I continue writing.

Also, we hope to start filming the movie in 2014!

Contact Me

The best way to contact me is through e-mail, but here are some other ways:

imdb facebook youtube model_mayhem twitter twitter

TEL: (606)791-3058
EMAIL: niki_blue_eyes_3@yahoo.com

We Ain’t Them

Please show your support for the band I joined a few months ago! Visit our Facebook page and give it a like, buy merchandise from our store on CafePress and check out our official website for more info! Thanks.

  • Charles: Acoustic Guitar and vocals.
  • Steven: Stuffs and guitar.
  • Ethan: Mandolin and electric guitar.
  • Sara: Lead Vocals and other stuff.

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